Early Grade Reading + Literacy

EdIntersect brings subject matter expertise and research experience for early grade reading programs and literacy interventions in multilingual contexts. EdIntersect President Dr. MaryFaith Mount-Cors bridges the vision of literacy as a technical intervention that emphasizes instructional strategies, professional development, and testing with sociocultural literacy frameworks that deal with the social dimensions of literacy in her book Global Literacy in Local Learning Contexts: Connecting Home and School.

The EdIntersect team brings the overall knowledge and planning to set up literacy research required by donors. We develop research instruments with a suite of reading sub-skills to assess outcomes in a variety of national languages depending on the context. EdIntersect works hand in hand with ministries of education to build understanding around approaches to early grade reading, drawing on phonics instruction, the simple view of reading, balanced literacy, and language transfer from first to second language in multilingual contexts and bilingual schooling models. As a research team, EdIntersect brings a life course view of literacy to its work as well as a depth of understanding and experience using USAID’s early grade reading assessment (EGRA) framework and local education monitoring approaches (LEMA), such as lot quality assurance (LQAS) to look at school quality and literacy progress.