Ed Intersect



We are made up of education experts, strategic thinkers and planners, technology specialists, designers, teachers, facilitators, and researchers. Together we create meaningful and effective solutions for and with the people who are building, shaping, and depending on schools and social services around the world.



Using the key tool of an excellent teacher and engaged student to focus thinking on key concepts and ideas and drive home the work we need to achieve together.

Design Thinking

Starting with the people you are designing with and for, and ending with solutions that speak to their needs.


Recognizing the importance of families, communities, teachers, leaders, governments and the whole range of actors in and around schools and homes, and all learning spaces.


Understanding and responding to the ways gender, socioeconomic status, language group, ethnicity, religion, age, ability/disability, health status, and other axes of identity intersect on a micro level; and education, health, gender structures, inclusion/exclusion, technology, and other areas intersect on a macro level.


Mary Faith Mount-Cors at EdIntersect

Mary Faith Mount-Cors

Amy Lucas | Financial Operations Specialist | Ed Intersect

Amy Lucas

Michel Rousseau PhD. | EdIntersect Psychometrics and Research Methods

Michel Rousseau

Alice Michelazzi | She is an education, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E), consultant.

Alice Michelazzi

Dr. Adeboye Adeyemo

Adeboye Adeyemo

Ciara Nic Carthaigh, MSc | EdIntersect support to the USAID-funded Soma Umenye program in Rwanda

Ciara Nic Carthaigh

Jeanine Balezi Mawazo, Clinical Psychology , National University of Rwanda

Jeanine Balezi Mawazo

senior international consultant on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)

Bernard Dumont

Dr. Louise Bahry

Louise Bahry

Pierre de Galbert, Education Policy Researcher and Consultant

Pierre de Galbert

Madeleine Mount-Cors

Madeleine Mount-Cors

Joni Bowling

Joni Bowling

Jill Gay, Senior Gender Advisor, EdIntersect

Jill Gay