Gender + Inclusion

Achieving effective gender integration and addressing overall child well-being happen when education meets health and other sectors. EdIntersect works closely with government ministries, development organizations, and donors to understand their goals and needs for achieving gender-transformative programming. EdIntersect’s research and engagement approaches bring an intersectional lens to work with school systems and school communities. These approaches consider the interactions between schools and homes, teachers and parents, and teachers and students to inform and enhance gender analysis and planning, teacher training and coaching, and harmonize across project outcome areas. The EdIntersect team combines a depth of knowledge in the education sector with practical, current gender and inclusion knowledge and practice, and an understanding of donor policies on gender-transformative approaches’ critical role in building more effective programming. EdIntersect builds gender and inclusion toolkits, theories of change, strategies, plans, and applies indicators to project goals, analysis of data, and measurement of outcomes.