Youth Development + Transitions

Youth development and literacy formation demand innovations in technology and elearning. EdIntersect is committed to working across the spectrum of child development needs, with specific efforts in helping development partners define and deploy adolescent and youth theories of change, program models, and critical research. EdIntersect brings a blend of academic and practitioner knowledge in improving learning outcomes and building safe, healthy communities and learning environments for children and youth, along with teaching positive behaviors and an informed decision-making process for youth throughout their lives. EdIntersect’s youth work has included OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) data collector training, girls’ education and empowerment theory of change development, and girls’ education and health baseline evaluation, among others.

EdIntersect operates at the intersection of education with multiple sectors, which are essential in youth programming. These intersections include training, gender, health, technology, and using human-centered approaches and design thinking to ensure that the target population’s needs and opportunities are met.

Critical areas of EdIntersect’s contributions to youth work include: development of research tools, training, analysis, and other evaluation capacity directed at youth research needs; design of adolescent and youth programs for a range of contexts; socio-emotional research and implementation components for adolescent and youth school retention and transition to employment; journey mapping and a range of human-centered design approaches to develop theory of change and intervention approaches for specific adolescent and youth needs; and critical education and health cross-over areas for youth programming.