Capacity development

EdIntersect is committed to working on capacity development across the spectrum of their programs. EdIntersect brings a blend of academic and practitioner knowledge in building capacity in partnership with ministry colleagues and other stakeholders. Capacity development is the process through which people and the organizations in which they work strengthen capabilities to determine and achieve their objectives over time. It is essential for making a sustainable contribution to education systems.

Rather than just simply training, the concept of capacity development entails broader components and considerations, and a framework for planning together, such as conducting an organizational capacity assessment to inform where capacity support is needed, determining existing human resources and other assets, developing specific indicators for measuring organizational capacity and tracking progress, establishing and maintaining relationships over the course of the project in order to strengthen the skills in various areas identified, such as instrument development, data collection, data quality, data analysis, reporting for early grade reading, for gender and inclusion, or for other thematic and functional areas where capacity development has been planned.