Early Grade Mathematics

EdIntersect brings subject matter expertise and research experience for early grade mathematics programs in diverse contexts. As with reading, a strong foundation in mathematics during the early grades is the key to future success in school. In addition to school success, mathematics builds reasoning skills, which are critical to everyday activities throughout life, such as personal commerce and financial interactions of all types. As the Early Grade Mathematics Assessment (EGMA) Toolkit points out, there are also analyses that suggest that early mathematics skills predict later reading skills just as much as early reading skills.

The EdIntersect team brings the overall knowledge and planning to set up mathematics research and evaluation required by donors. We develop research instruments with a suite of mathematics sub-skills to assess outcomes in a variety of contexts. Drawing on the Global Proficiency Framework and also country-specific standards frameworks, EdIntersect works closely with assessment working groups, ministry staff, country testing organizations, and donor representatives to develop, pilot, and validate assessment items and then roll them out for national studies. As a research team, EdIntersect brings a depth of understanding and experience using USAID’s EGMA framework.