A Decade of EdIntersect



EdIntersect is born! Founder and President Dr. Mary-Faith Mount-Cors files articles of incorporation in the state of North Carolina on April 16, 2013, as a woman-owned small business. EdIntersect embarks on research and development for a global online learning platform for Creative Associates.


EdIntersect dives further into work with  leading international development organizations. EdIntersect engages human-centered design to create an education strategy with CARE USA and a theory of change on girls’ education and empowerment shared across the development community, collaborating with country office teams from India to Peru and beyond. Winrock engages EdIntersect to develop literacy materials for women in income-generation programs globally.


EdIntersect works with specific country grantees for Banyan Tree Foundation, developing program design for adolescent education programs in Sierra Leone and Kenya and conducts hands-on work on gender analysis of early childhood programs in Mali with Save the Children.


EdIntersect makes big moves!  Teaming on two five-year awards with Chemonics International funded by the United States Agency for International Development, EdIntersect delves into early grade reading programs with incredible teams in Senegal and Rwanda. EdIntersect brings strong linkage of language and literacy depth with research and assessment expertise, gender and inclusion, technology use and assessment planning across project and ministry structures.


In close collaboration with the ministry of education of Senegal, EdIntersect is immersed in early grade reading, bilingual programming, and assessment, research, and evaluation in Wolof, Pulaar, Seereer, and French in first and second grades, local education monitoring tools for school inspectors, assessing students in inclusive schools using braille tasks, and carrying out gender and inclusion plans. EdIntersect conducts further work on evaluation in Rwanda in grades 1-3 in Kinyarwanda.


EdIntersect wins an evaluation award as a small business prime with Winrock to conduct the USAID Girls Leadership and Empowerment through Education (GLEE) baseline study, again providing added value in francophone contexts with EdIntersect’s strong French language skills and networks.


EdIntersect conducts a large midline study in public schools in six regions of Senegal, including in religious schools and with students with disabilities EdIntersect assists Room to Read  in data analysis and tool development across seven countries in Asia and Africa and Plan International in the development of inclusive quality education indicators for use across 80 countries where they operate  in Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.


EdIntersect adds evaluations in Nigeria and Mali. In Nigeria, EdIntersect conducts the Sustainable Development Goal 4 education evaluation on behalf of UNICEF. EdIntersect conducts an external evaluation of the USAID Mali SIRA early grade reading program, maneuvering within political instability and the advent of covid-19. Winrock taps EdIntersect’s team again to carry out a qualitative study of the USAID girls’ leadership program GLEE in Mali.


EdIntersect moves into Central Asia with a literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional learning five-year USAID project award in Tajikistan, the Learn Together Activity... Adaptations for COVID-19 conditions continue on existing work in Senegal, Rwanda, Mali, and Nigeria.


EdIntersect wins a new evaluation funded by the World Bank in Cape Verde, the first Portuguese-speaking country context for the firm, resulting in the first investigation of country-wide reading skills in the island nation. Big news comes through with the USAID Malawi Next Generation Early Grade Reading Activity award! EdIntersect jumps into a host of assessment activities, in collaboration with Chemonics International. EdIntersect completes a nationwide baseline study in reading, math, and social-emotional learning in grades 2 and 4 in Tajikistan.


EdIntersect continues to build practical and operational inclusion of all types - gender, disability, language, socioeconomic, and geography. In Malawi, EdIntersect brings expertise to parental engagement, pre-primary studies, district-level data needs, and national learner performance and education quality studies. EdIntersect conducts the mixed methods final performance evaluation for USAID GLEE in Mali on adolescent girls’ outcomes.

Looking forward to the next 10!