Cape Verde

Cape Verde Ministry of Education | Technical assistance to implement Early Grade Reading Assessment 

November 2021 – September 2022

The Government of Cape Verde is committed to improving the quality of education in the country. In order to strengthen foundational skills in education, the Education and Skills Development Enhancement Project, funded by the World Bank since 2018, supports the establishment and operationalization of a student assessment system within the ministry of education to accompany and monitor the ongoing education reform.

As part of this work, the ministry of education of Cape Verde contracted EdIntersect to carry out an Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) study in Cape Verde in tandem with ministry staff in 2022. Together, EdIntersect and the ministry of education developed and piloted an EGRA instrument in Portuguese for Grade 2, designed to be administered individually to students, and also questionnaires for teachers and school principals on school management and teaching practices in schools. After national data collection on all nine islands of Cape Verde, the final report will include data on performance across the country on all reading sub-skills, including fluency and comprehension, as well as analysis of responses given by teachers and school principals. These findings are meant to help inform policy development and educational initiatives in the future for improvements to teaching and learning in the early grades in Cape Verde.